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M1GP's History in American Motorcycle Road Racing, so far.

M1GP American Minimoto Road Racing Association was established in 2009, rising out of the ashes of the devastating economic crash of 2008, for the love of the sport and to continue to offer opportunities for racers, young and old, to enjoy the fun and many benefits of small bike racing and training.

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March 2009
March 2009
Septeber 2010
M1GP 1.0
M1GP originally was formed as a mini bike track day company to help riders experience the benefits of small bikes and train riders to interested in racing, to join the grids in the then long-running mini road racing organization, CMRRA (California Motorcycle Road Racing Association) run by Al Lyons. This was done by holding public and private track events as well creating and holding the 1st Annual 8 Hours at Grangé endurance race held at Apple Valley Speedway (formerly known as Grangé Motor Circuit). This event was run as a CMRRA event and was a success with over 20 teams entered and put M1GP on the map for being able to create a well thought out event and promote and generate excitement for endurance racing with minis in California.
M1GP 8 Hours at Grangé original poster
The 8 Hours at Grangé
M1GP's first event that many of the old guard said racers wouldn't want to do. Thankfully, Al Lyons agreed to put on race with the condition that M1GP would have to get at least 15 teams registered. By the registration cut-off, the race had 21 teams registered and on the grid. The 8 Hours at Grangé was an annual endurance race which was run consecutively for 12 years.
CMRRA announces its closing.
After a 16 year run, and being the grass-roots racing organization where some very well-known American road racers got their start, CMRRA announced that they would be closing their doors after seasons of lower ridership and the economic crash of 2008.
M1GP - American Mini Motorcycle Road Racing Association is Established.
After the closing of CMRRA, the core group of CMRRA racers were without a racing organization with the culture that was established by Al and Sheri Lyons. Discussions were had and although there were more qualified and experienced individuals who could carry the baton that Lyons was handing over, Young Lee was the only former CMRRA racer willing to take on the task. Ridership was still down and so was the economy, but Lee felt the racing had to continue, and with the help and guidance of some former CMRRA racers, and with the blessing of Al Lyons, it did.
The 1st Annual M1GP24
In 2009, at the 2nd annual 8 Hours at Grangé, during the middle of the race, Young Lee asked the group of riders if they'd be game for a 24 hour. The response was enthusiastic roars of "yeah", "yes" and other more colorful responses, so plans for the first annual M1GP24 Hour Super Endurance Motorcycle Race were put into place and on the weekend of Sept. 10-11, the race was held at Willow Springs Int. Raceway in Rosamond, California.
M1GP Rider Clinics Est. 2013
M1GP Launches its training program: The Rider Clinics
After years of reaching out to established professional trainers and being met with little to no interest in working with the mini bike platform, it was time to take action with the combined experience of the M1GP staff's riding, racing, and training experience. Young Lee and Kevin Hipp developed the curriculum and format and purchased numerous bikes to make up the school fleet. Over time, the training has been refined and expanded and has had the support and recognition by some industry leaders who have sponsored or supported the program. Most notably, American Honda, Shark Helmets, ASV Inventions and Cycle Gear.
M1GP Brings Motorcycles to Santa Maria
M1GP Brings Motorcycles to Santa Maria + Carlin Dunne
With SMKA's history of rejecting motorcycles and being a "Kart Only" track, it was a breakthrough and win for riders in 2013 when M1GP was able to convince the board of SMKA to finally allow motorcycles to run at the track with its long-standing track record with other established tracks and history with reputable industry leaders. Thankfully, there were members at the time who were open to a trial year allowing motorcycles. After passing the test, M1GP continued to hold events each year and had an especially fruitful 2018 season when the momentum of the previous seasons efforts were paying off. After a hostile and unethical move by former staff members and with the support of the SMKA board, M1GP ceased to hold events at the Santa Maria track later in 2019. Fortunately, history cannot change the fact that it was M1GP which brought motorcycles to Central Coast and allowed so many to experience a fun track, including the late Carlin Dunne, who enjoyed his training sessions in preparation for his Pikes Peak races. Prior to his passing, Carlin was planning to contribute to the M1GP Rider Clinic program. Before our departure from SMKA, M1GP was able to hold a memorial race in Carlin's name.
Honda Sponsors M1GP
M1GP was officially recognized as a Honda brand ambassador and was honored with parts support and bikes for the Rider Clinics.
M1GP first in the world to race the Honda Grom for 24 hours
Honda Sponsors M1GP Rider Clinics
M1GP attends Babes Ride Out #7

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